Baddd Spellah

Baddd SpellahWith titillating tracks more infectious than a Sub7 Trojan horse, this most “awesomest beat smith” and avid dictionary/thesaurus user is best known as MC Frontalot’s righteous remixer. Hailing from the land of Alexander Graham Bell, Wolverine and Pamela Anderson, this thumping Canadian, with a name actually intended for an unrealized boy band spoof in college, has been dubbed the Timbaland of Nerdcore hip-hop here and in galaxies far, far away.

Creating crisp beats since the mid-90s, a friend booted him up to MC Frontalot’s songs around 1999, which uploaded Spellah into overdrive. He sent the ‘Godfather of Nerdcore’ an email and soon the two were concocting cutting collaborations online. With the blessings of NAFTA, this Canadanian/US hip hop team has definitely emerged at the forefront of nerdcore.

Spellah would call himself a “beat smith” in a Vulcan nerve pinch, but “producer” would come in a close second, especially of late as he has been cultivating recording projects with/for other artists and vocalists. Trekking through new compositions by the glow of his monitor, Spellah has found inspiration from all genres of music, remixing songs to the point where the obvious derivative of his immediate influences wouldn’t be apparent. Basically, this guy can get a thumping nerdcore beat out of Burt Bacharach.

Baddd Spellahh stands at the intersection of Jay-Z and Steve JObs – an H to the Izzo Super OS hybrid and a true hip hop maestro.