Do You Live Here?

You know how I’ve been collecting your zip codes in the “Request the Film” tab above… and in every email I send out… and in every time any of you have the misfortune of speaking to me in person? Well, all that requesting is about to pay off! We’re arranging a pseudo-tour of the movie that will (mostly) correspond to MC Frontalot’s upcoming tour. This means you get to see the film, then see MC Frontalot in concert, then explode from too much exposure to Nerdcore. So, my question to you is: do you live in one of the following towns? And if so, do you have any interest in helping me arrange a screening in said town?

What does this mean? Well, for example maybe you or someone you love works at a university. (Universities are great spots for screenings because they’re fair with the scheduling and the monies.) Or, perhaps you or someone you love works at a local arthouse cinemas. (Cinemas are great because this is a movie and that’s where you’re supposed to watch mooovies.) Or, maybe, you or someone you know owns a bar… or a laundromat… or a really large dorm room that would be perfect for a movie screening. So, if you fit the bill and you want to help out, look at the cities below. Please note, that in some of these cities screenings have already been arranged or might be in the process but we’re still looking for people to help out with PR, so email me either way!


Boston, MD
Albany, NY
Columbus, OH
Detroit, MI
Chicago, IL
Minneapolis, MN
Lincoln, NE
Denver, CO
Boulder, CO
Salt Lake City, UT
Spokane, WA

Portland OR
Seattle, WA    

Monterey, CA
Oakland, CA
Santa Cruz, CA
Bakersfield, CA           

Los Angeles, CA
Las Vegas, NV
Tuscon, AZ
El Paso, TX
Austin, TX
Dallas, TX

New Orleans, LA

Tallahassee, FL
Orlando, FL
Jacksonville, FL    

Atlanta, GA
Columbia, SC
Chapel Hill, NC
Vienna, VA
Baltimore, MD
Allentown, PA
Philadelphia, PA 


And, a final piece of housekeeping: I had a most pleasant run-in with a photographer at PAX who’s photo appears in Nerdcore Rising. His name is Phil Palios and I really think you should visit his flikr page – I mean, only if you’re into looking at cool shit and enjoying yourself.

That’s all for now! Email me if you’re down to help with the cause!



The Nerdcore Stylings of College Park

Hey Folks!


PAX was amazing and awesome and I have a lot things to say about it in video blog format. But, I still have to edit that bizness, so in the meantime I just wanted to remind you about the movie’s opening in College Park, MD. If you’re anywhere in the hood (and by ‘hood,’ I mean 75 mile radius of College Park) please stop by, grab some buttery popcorn, bite size Butter Fingers, and a large Coke because that my friends, is the best way to enjoy Nerdcore Rising The Movie.


Opens Friday September 5th
Weekend Showtimes: Friday 1:30, 7:30; Saturday 9pm
For all additional showtimes please visit their website
Hoff Theater
University of Maryland
0126 Stamp Student Union
College Park, MD 20742

More details

Tickets are available on the website or at the box office. Theater opens at 11:30am Monday-Saturday.

Adult ticket prices $7, $5 matinee
Student ticket prices $5, $4 matinee

To Maryland & Beyond,


A Video Telling You What You Already Know

Dearest Peeps-

In my last post, I bloggishly announced that the movie will be enjoying its West Coast Premiere at the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle at the Washington State Convention Center at 4pm on Saturday August 30th. And while its still true that the film is going to be having its West Coast Premiere at the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle at the Washington State Convention Center at 4pm on Saturday August 30th , I think that a short form web-based video brought to you directly from Team Nerdcore Rising is a better way to announce that the film will have its West Coast Premiere at the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle at the Washington State Convention Center at 4pm on Saturday August 30th . So, please watch the above video as it will clearly and entertainingly (she says with her fingers crossed) explain how the movie will have its West Coast Premiere at the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle at the Washington State Convention Center at 4pm on Saturday August 30th .

Also, one of the main network television shows – can’t say which – will be at PAX to see what this “Nerdcore Rising” thing is all about. So, laugh and watch extra hard because we want to convince (or fool?) the three-lettered network channel about our awesomeness.

In other news, the movie will be opening for a regular ol’ theatrical run at the Hoff Theater in College Park, MD. This means, that if you call the moviephone number for that area, the dude that answers will list Nerdcore Rising, and its screening times, in his ridiculous signature voice. But of course, you wouldn’t do that if you were reading this blog… because you’d be online… and because it’s the year 2008. In which case, you’d want to know that the movie will open on Friday Sept. 5th and the details can be found on their website: 

The Hoff Theater

Very soon the inimitable Mr. Dan Johnston (our all-knowing web czar) will be designing a beautiful page that aggregates all of our screenings on an easy-to-use grid. This will be great because, folks, fall is going to be an intense season for Nerdcore Rising!

For those that will be at PAX– don’t forget to relish in the works of MC Frontalot, G Minor 7, Blak Lotus, and the Categorical Imperative as they plan on destroying the PAX crowd with some seriously catchy Nerdcore hip hop. And, please heed the message at the end of the video… or else. (Do you like how I did that? How motivated are you to see the video now, huh?)



A Large Announcement

Dearest folks,


For months you’ve been speculating on whether Nerdcore Rising would screen at PAX.* Your speculation has been digested, dissected, deflected, and d-something’ed else. Truth is, at first I wasn’t sure if we were gonna screen there; then I was sure; then I didn’t know how to announce it; then I got rapped up in season 4 of Lost; then I got into a serious internal debate on whether citing The Goonies nostalgia was an acceptable justification for DVRing The Two Coreys; then I realized I still hadn’t announced it.


So, without further syntactical ado, it is my pleasure to announce that we will, in fact, be screening the movie at the 2008 Penny Arcade Expo! If you’re anywhere near Seattle on Saturday August 30th you should be at PAX. And, at 4pm, you should dutifully find a cozy seat in the Main Hall of the Convention Center, wait for the lights to go down, and watch as the movie blazes across a gigantically large screen. Me, MC Frontalot, GMinor 7, and Blak Lotus will all be there for any post-screening merriment that might ensue like hugs and/or wookiee calls.


Chew on these screening details:
Saturday August 30
4pm – Main Hall
Washington State Convention Center
Seattle, WA

I have a few more blogs in me till PAX with more details, more videos, and more totally unnecessary footnotes.***** I want to see you in Seattle!



negin & gang at Nerdcore Rising


*For those of you who don’t know what PAX is, it’s the Penny Arcade Expo.**
**For those of you who don’t know what Penny Arcade is, it’s the OG of web comics.***
***For those of you who don’t know what OG is, it means ‘original gangster.’****
****For those of you who don’t understand what original gangster has to do with web comics, you clearly haven’t read the Penny Arcade.**

*****Like the four above.




Quick blog here. Just wanted to remind you to watch the latest episode of Nerd of the Week on the Chiptunes Nerd – you don’t know what that is? Well, how serendipitous, I have a full and informative explanation for you in the form of a fun and entertaining video!


Also, don’t forget to sign up for OurStage through the eye-catchy banner on the side or through this link. It works like this: A) you sign up, B) you confirm your email address, C) we get a dollar, D) movie debt is reduced by exactly 99 pennies, E) the beginnings of a smile begin to emerge on my face. In fact, Presumptive President Obama is thinking of using the same five part strategy to reduce the country’s budget deficit. BUT, he agrees that reducing the Nerdcore Rising deficit is the first national priority. Obvi.


And finally, I heard from a little internet bird (i.e. a helpful RSS feed) that MC Frontalot is performing Nerdcore hip hop at the San Diego ComiCon. When questioned about the event, Frontalot said, “shut up, Negin and read my blog.” He then threw a lamp on the floor, broke a chair, and violently penned a new rap song called “Lamp On the Floor & Broken Chair.” If you would like to learn more about that gig, as a wise man once said, “shut up and read [his] blog


You’re the tops!


negin & the raging media addicts of Team Nerdcore Rising

 PS – Oh yeah, I’m speaking on a panel at the Long Island Film Expo on Sunday about how to get a movie out when you’re not rich and famous. Here’s the info if’n anyone’s interested. 

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