The Epic Post-SXSW Blog Entry


For me, SXSW started with a chest infection, projection-malfunction fears, self-doubt, and snot-riddled lungs. The first couple of days involved postering, postcarding [verb post-card-ing: to hand out postcards], and eating BBQ brisket. Our nerves are on full display in VIDEO BLOG 1 and most of the rest of our experience is chronicled in VIDEO BLOG 2 and 3. Though I have to admitt, in the interest of full disclosure, we made a difficult editorial decision to keep my plentiful lung mucus out of the footage.

But allow me to blog about a couple of things we couldn’t capture on camera: After the first screening there was the after party (spoiler alert: after the party there was no hotel lobby). There was some shittiness with peeps not being able to get in which was an unfortunate combination of fire codes and SXSW badge holder rules – mondo apologies for that. Would that I could rule over film festivals with all-empowering dictatorial force. I would evilly get everyone into all parties like a dutiful, open-party, fascist despot.

Here’s something else that might not be clear from the VIDEO BLOGS: guess who’s the most easy-going hip hop legend ever? Prince Paul. For a guy that shattered booties on the dance floor, he’s literally the most ridiculously cheerful and pleasant dude on hip hop record.

Then of course there was the Morgan Spurlock Slow Dance (MSSD). You may have noticed from VIDEO BLOG 3 that I had a giddy slow dance with Mr. Super Size Me himself which I soon learned is a right of passage for filmmakers. Spurlock had his MSSD with Michael Moore (MMSD) who in turn had his with Barbara Kopple (BKSD) – and so on and so forth.

That is, of course, entirely untrue. The fact of the matter is that our associate editor (Torrey Townsend) was drunk, had a crazy idea to institute a prom king-style slow dance at our otherwise raucous party, and convinced Mr. Spurlock to provide an MSSD. What was he even doing at our party? Beneath that investigative filmmaker exterior, he’s a nerd. Either that or he was posing as a nerd for 30 days for his show… 30 Days.

Finally, I have to share one of the most completely ridiculous/strange/cool events I’ve ever been involved in: Myself and Mr. Frontalot were invited to speak on a panel about documentary filmmakers and their subjects. We shared that panel with Steve James and his documentary subject, the Reverend Carroll Pickett. Our movie was on Nerdcore hip hop, their movie was on… the death penalty. For an hour, we casually went back and forth between the unbelievably gripping and emotionally devastating accounts of the Reverend’s work on death row to unbelievably irreverent and emotionally neutral accounts of filming a band of nerdy boys in a tour van. By the end, both movies were one in the same and of course the Reverend busted out into some jammin’ rhymes.

Team Nerdcore Rising is off to AFI Dallas next, followed by Atlanta, and then Boston. Infos will come on those festivals later. If the mucus subsides by then, we’ll even VIDEO BLOG about it.

Until then, I’m signing off with dorky goodness and massive appreciation for the nerds of Austin,


A Sampling of Links That Prove This Movie Exists:

SXSW Nerdcore Rising Video Blog 2

Straight from Austin, the capital of Texas.

Our premiere went off better than what we ever imagined. Seriously. For reals. Seriously. BUT this meant that some fine folks weren’t able to get into the screening because there weren’t enough seats. This is still unbelievable to me. I really hope this doesn’t happen again! For anyone who wants to see the film, we are screening again tonight at 10:30pm at Alamo Lamar, as well as Friday at 1pm at the Austin Convention Center. The Convention Center venue is super large so everyone should be able to get in. You will see this film! (if’n you want to) You are all the awesomest.

And for those outside the Austin area, check out the highlights in our VIDEO BLOG!

negin & gang @ Nerdcore Rising 

SXSW Nerdcore Rising Video Blog 1

We’re here at SXSW! We’re in the business of making movies so instead of writing a blog about our time here, we’re going to relay the experience in video format. Enjoy the first ever Nerdcore Rising Festival Experience Video Blog.

Getting Ready for SXSW and Giving Good Vid

The party venue has been settled (Latitude 30), the booze has been sorted (well drinks), the Nerdcore Rapper has been scheduled (MC Frontalot), the hip hop legend has been confirmed (Prince Paul), the screening dates have been established (March 9@10:30, March 11@10:30 March 14@1pm), the promotional shenanigans of the filmmaking team have been solidified (top secret)… and all that awaits is to pack floss and board that plane to Austin! Indeed, dental hygiene is critical to Team NR and I think it’s high time we were honest about that.

Second SkinWe’re nervously counting down the days till the film’s premiere. But, luckily, there’s more to do in Austin to pass the time leading up to the uber-day-of-days (March 9!!!) than stare at Texan walls. In fact, the New York Nerd Nexus is in full effect at South by Southwest as our filmmaking pals at “Second Skin” are also premiering. Be sure to check out that film on the webs as well as live and in surround sound. Guess what type of music they have on their soundtrack?… No, take another guess…. YES!! How’d you guess? They have Nerdcore music in their movie. Could a film about massively multiplayer online games have it any other way?

Also, our Nerdcore pals Chris Trew (AKA Terp 2 It), Doc Popular and Random will be at SXSW – performing… unveiling new albums… futzing about… sipping on tea… you know, the typical rock star thing.

More also’s: we made a little video starring MC Frontalot and lovable video gaming superstars Tycho & Gabe (as in, the real life Jerry Holkins & Mike Krahulik). In it they provide a stunningly analytical, courageously academic, and deeply penetrating deconstruction of the “Penny Arcade Theme Song.” Also, they’re funny. Please do watch it.

Don’t forget that our Austin screenings are happening like this:

  • Sunday March 9 – 10:30pm @ Alamo Drafthouse (1120 Lamar Blvd S) – MAP
  • Tuesday March 11 – 10:30pm @ Alamo Drafthouse (1120 Lamar Blvd S) – MAP
  • Friday March 14 – 1pm @ Austin Convention Center – MAP

And that our premiere party is occurring like this:

  • Sunday March 9, Midnight-whenevs @ Latitude 30, 512 San Jacinto Street – MAP

A final also: you can hear me and the Front on the NPR show “Word of Mouth” on Thursday. Please note that I will be sounding like a frog because I caught the flu. It’s awesome, I recommend it. Frontalot, however, sounds less amphibian and more homo sapien. Ribit.

With Ants in Our Pants,
Negin & Team N’Rising

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