Optimus Rhyme

Optimus RhymeDo not call them a boy band. If there was a glove-slapping duel of wits between Optimus Rhyme and a group like the Backstreet Boys, you can be sure that this quartet of Autobots would defeat the obnoxious rapperless Decepticons a hundred times over. The fearsome foursome, straight out of Seattle, transform themselves into Wheelie,the ‘Conveyor Belt Poet’ who wheelds a speedy Super Mario tongue comparable to Bone Thugz & Harmony; Stumblebee, the ‘Bass Theorist;’

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High C

High C Hailing from the dirrrty south, this Louisiana lyrical machine shone early on in nerdcore history. A long, long time ago, around the time of the first nerdcore dominion (as in, 1995 the year of our lord), High-C dropped his avant-garde first track “Godzilla,” where he began his mission to “bring pure unadultered 100% Colombian quality hip-hop dopeness into being.” This Tarzanian rhapsodist began frequenting topics such as technology figures, literary allusions and serial killers. Serial killers? Coincidentally High-C’s real name is Jason. Hmmm….

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Brian Posehn

Brian PosehnYep, he’s “that one guy from that one show.” This “gigantic, orange and gay” neighbor is a fixture on Comedy Central’s Sarah Silverman Show (gay on the show of course…in real life he prefers Princess Leia to Hans Solo). But he’s is so much more than that. Posehn is a comedian and actor known for playing every nerdy role in every TV show, in every movie and in every cartoon, ever. Ever. This 6’6″ metal freak from California has appeared on Friends, Seinfeld, Just Shoot Me, Bernie Mac and Everybody Loves Raymond just to name a few.

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