Doctor Popular

Doctor PopularHave you become an indoctrinated automaton by the evil music exec robots who have programmed the radio to only play mainstream lifeless pop music? Then you need to be immediately rushed to Doctor Popular, a.k.a. Drown Radio, who will prescribe a potent anecdote made up of eclectic silvery styles consisting of blasting beats and regal rhymes. This yo-yo world champion asserts that authoring these multifarious sounds “will never be more than a hobby,” although he has already performed with MC Frontalot, Beefy, MC Router, MC Lars and Shafer the Darklord.

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Jello Biafra

ImageA man like Jello (née Eric Reed Boucher) should hardly need an introduction on a site designed for hardcore music (and computer) enthusiasts. To do so is like explaining the basics of World of Warcraft – ridiculous, right? And yet, here goes…

Most of you may know Jello as lead vocalist and lyricist of one of the greatest hardcore punk bands of all time, The Dead Kennedys. This band is responsible for moody and subtle songs like, “California Über Alles,” “Beat the Brat,” and “Too Drunk to Fuck” (a go-to wedding song for countless young couples).

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ImageOur man J-Live (née Jean-Jacques Cadet) definitely isn’t nerdcore, but no one can deny that he’s hardcore…ly cool! As emcee, DJ, producer, and CEO of Triple-Threat Productions, his single-minded mission to keep his music real and true is more fervent and ambitious that the Borg.

Coming straight out of NYC, J-Live has created sick rhymes and sicker beats for over ten years, performing not only all over the U.S., but Canada, Europe, Japan, the Middle East, and Australia.

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Optimus Rhyme

Optimus RhymeDo not call them a boy band. If there was a glove-slapping duel of wits between Optimus Rhyme and a group like the Backstreet Boys, you can be sure that this quartet of Autobots would defeat the obnoxious rapperless Decepticons a hundred times over. The fearsome foursome, straight out of Seattle, transform themselves into Wheelie,the ‘Conveyor Belt Poet’ who wheelds a speedy Super Mario tongue comparable to Bone Thugz & Harmony; Stumblebee, the ‘Bass Theorist;’

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