Doctor Popular

Doctor PopularHave you become an indoctrinated automaton by the evil music exec robots who have programmed the radio to only play mainstream lifeless pop music? Then you need to be immediately rushed to Doctor Popular, a.k.a. Drown Radio, who will prescribe a potent anecdote made up of eclectic silvery styles consisting of blasting beats and regal rhymes. This yo-yo world champion asserts that authoring these multifarious sounds “will never be more than a hobby,” although he has already performed with MC Frontalot, Beefy, MC Router, MC Lars and Shafer the Darklord.

Growing up, Popular listened to comedy records. After his grandparents ruled he was not to have a computer since it would make him lazy, this creative Californian quietly bought his first computer when he turned 24 and claims to not be, and will never be, a tech geek. Although, oddly, he told a Swedish Nerdcore website that he has always enjoyed using old cheap keyboards and toys as a musical source by opening them up and re-wiring the circuits. But, remember, he’s not a tech geek. In addition, before moving to computer music, Popular created all of his beats on his Playstation using MTV Music Generator. “It would let you import 7 seconds of sampled sounds, so I would record audio onto a cd-r, then double the speed and import it onto my Playstation. Then I would slow the speed down back to the original sample speed, effectively getting about 14 seconds of sound.” Again, not a tech geek.

Soon after he began rapping, a friend recommended Popular to listen to a sample of MC Frontalot, which prompted the thick black glasses-wearing San Franciscan to jump a trolley back to his place and begin writing and performing until he became the brilliant composer he is today. In 2005, Drown Radio produced a split e.p. with a band from Minneapolis called The Atomic Brothers where tracks were alternated and blended together from all artists using gameboys, trumpets, trombones, Casios, folk guitars, Speak n’ Spells and other instruments to create a funky cohesive futuristic pop music sound.

Popular also warns us not to worry about the guns and gangs in popular rap music. We have scarier things to stress about. Like lolCats, his new song which was recently used in the newest episode of Geek Entertainment TV. You’ll soon realize that, “The world is under attack, by L O L Cats, with gats.” Ahhh!!!

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