Jesse Dangerously

Jesse DangerouslyListen Ann of Green Gable’s maniacs, this isn’t Lucy Maud Montgomery’s poetic Eastern Canada anymore. With this nerdcore Canuck on the scene, it is officially Dangerous territory. Jesse Dangerously’s Perilous, Pulsing Rhetorical Territory, to be exact. His formidable balladry doesn’t recall flowery waves crashing in the sand – this time its about throbbing cadence and a beating baseline. And why has Dangerously emerged as a Canadian ambassador of nerdcore hip hop?

Maybe because he provided galvanizing guest vocals on MC Frontalot’s album Nerdcore Rising or maybe it was because MTV Canada used him as a rap correspondent on the history of nerdcore.

This rhyming Jesse James of indie hip hop has been hacking into our hearts with his zibabyte beats since the late 1990’s with his debut album B.R.E.A.K. A notable member of the Canadian East Coast music scene, Dangerously has released five albums, has appeared as a guest vocalist on myriad recordings, has hosted a weekly radio show (The Pavement), has written a weekly column (The Daily News of Halifax), and has produced bumping beats for other musicians. What a freaking couch potato? I mean, do something with your life, Jesse.

This fast talking phenomenally gifted MC/producer/percussionist with a “keen grasp of odd time signatures” was first inspired by 1988 to 1994-era hip hop. Now, this is a story all about how his life got flipped-turned upside down and he would like to take a minute- (sound of record scratching to a halt). Not the Will Smith of now, people, but we’re talking the Fresh Prince of yore, Public Enemy, LL Cool J, Das EFX, and Cyprus Hill and a handful of others.

He won the 2005 Music Industry Association of Nova Scotia Urban/Hip Hop Artist of the Year award and got a 2007 Rap/Hip-Hop Single Recording of the Year nod from the East Coast Music Awards. So turn your systems into safe mode and hold on to your hard drives, this hazardous maestro of beats is Dangerously dy-no-mite.

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