MC Chris

MC ChrisIs it any surprise that one of the best artists on the nerdcore scene regularly works for the Cartoon Network? Nothing like a little Aqua Teen Hunger Force all up in your badass mother f_ckin’ beats.

MC Chris somehow pulls off a mash-up of: 1) hardcore hip-hop image, 2) high-pitched vocals, and 3) geek credentials. Think Nas on helium, with a few extra Boba Fett references. He’s prolific too.

He’s put out four solo albums – Life’s A Bitch and I’m Her Pimp, Knowing Is Half The Hassle, Eating’s Not Cheating, Dungeon Masters of Ceremonies. His new album MC Chris Is Dead drops later this year. Not one to share his success with major corporations, he recently announced that his albums would now only be available at his concerts and told his fans to “Pirate that shit.”

Just like in mainstream rap every artist has a different relationship with their fans – Fifty Cent sleeps with all the female ones, Eminem moons the males ones, Snoop Dogg buys drugs from all of them, etc. In true Nerdcore fashion, MC Chris takes his fans to the movies. Following his shows, Chris has treated his fans to such masterpieces as Transformers, Ghostbusters, Indiana Jones, TMNT, and of course, Aqua Teen Hunger Force. I would imagine he also buys drugs from a few of them …seeing as they’re already watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Oh yeah, MC Chris has also played on the Warp Tour, been featured in Spin Magazine’s Band of The Year Contest, and at various times declared that the Nerdcore scene can suck a fat ____. But as he explains in our little film, Nerdcore Rising, he means that in the best possible way.

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