MC Plus +

ImageIf you want to stay out of Nerdcore Hip Hop, steer your clear of being one of MC Plus’s professors. A harmless computer science lesson could turn into the beginning of your demise as Plus will diss your syllabus into a potentially damning hip hop anthem. This Iranian-American automatic code parallelization programmer (say that 15 times fast!) began his Nerdcore career as Sir Code-A-Lot but pulled an Optimus Prime andtransformed himself into MC Plus+ after beginning to recording professionally.

He rose in the ranks of Nerdcore Hip Hop after geeksta peer Monzy, the only other Persian computer science rapper, started an East Coast-West Coast rivalry, dissing his skills, which is basically the equivalent of telling MC Plus+ that he slept with his longtime software code in Plus’s own computer lab. Faux pas!

MC Plus+ fired back calling Monzy a “punk” (ss-nap) and the two are currently battling a rapping war of braggadocio wisecracking wordplay. Armand, Plus’s birth name meaning ‘of the army,’ certainly asserts he is one tough CS Gangsta rapper, “Because “I’ll come out against anyone who wants to take on MCPlus+. I ain’t scared of nobody.” He recently dropped his second album Chip Hop (microchip hip hop) after releasing his debut album Algorhythms.

Though Plus doesn’t rap about Benzes and bitches, he truly does wish that some hottie computer science groupies would emerge. He’s not asking for much. Just know what “metaheuristic” means. And have great legs.

Make sure to buy a monster power surge protector after downloading Plus’s complex and exploding rhymes because,

“I won’t stop once the beat drops,
So note this, I put sucka MC’s on notice,
Cause you sucka MC’s is bogus.”

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