MC Router

MC RouterShe’s the self-proclaimed “First Lady of Nerdcore”, and many agree. Router puts the “hardcore” back into “nerdcore”. She has the words “g33k 1if3” inked on her fingers. Her tats alone show her devotion to the art form – because it’s not easy to score a job as a CPA when you’ve got the words “LVL UP” across your chest. Basically, she’s in it for 1if3.

In 2004 she started the group 1337 g33k b34t with fellow nerdcore artist T-byte. The two year project ended in 2006 because they ran out of Star Trek DVD commentary to watch together.

MC Router is now rockin’ it solo. Did you catch that guys? She’s surfin’ single. Okay, okay, she does have a little threesome action on the side. She, Beefy, and Shael Riley collaborate as Tri-forc3.

This Princess of Geek had the first hit nerdcore song of 2007 with “Trekkie Pride”. She also can’t be accused of not putting attitude in her music, as you’ll learn from a quick listen of her classic, “Game Cunt”.

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