MonzyPerhaps other nerdcore MCs have an argument for being nerdier than Monzy (perhaps). However, none can say they have nerdier lyrics in their songs. To the average human being Monzy’s rhymes sound like they’re written in Html. He dropped this sweet rhyme in his debut single “So much drama in the PhD”, which garnered him much publicity on the nerdcore scene.

I gotta sign my rhymes with PGP;
But I keep on generatin’ like a CFG
‘Cause there’s so much drama in the PhD.

Monzy has also performed at Geekapalooza and been featured in a shload of magazine articles including Wired. Whereas mainstream gangsta rappers might get their “education” from dealin’ drugs on the mean streets of Compton or hustlin?- in the STL, Monzy is getting his nerdcore ed from the mean libraries at Stanford working toward a PhD in computer science (of course).

This nerdcore star took a bold move early in his career by starting an East Coast – West Coast rivalry with possibly the only other Persian nerdcore gangsta computer science rapper alive – MC Plus+. So far the battle has produced some great beats and remained peaceful. Neither MC has received a cap in their laptop’s ass.

And oh yeah, Monzy also gives good blog. That fact might not be important in any other music genre cred sheet, but in nerdcore, sometimes you’re only as big as your blog.

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