Oklahoma, where the nerds come sweeping down the plain



Two quick things!


First: If you sign up to OurStage through this link, we get ONE DOLLAR! Ain’t that swell? You know who would really like that? My creditors!! They would love it if you help me raise money. They’re real sweet. They like to call me and check up on me regularly. They’re very attentive! I think its love. We here at Nerdcore Rising promise that every dollar raised will go to debt and to getting the movie into your faces, your lovely faces.


As for OurStage, they too are lovely because they give you access to new music – you get to listen to it, judge it critically, vote on it ostentatiously, and be a part of the gleeful process of helping musicians “make it.”


Thing Number Two: As the title of this blog entry might indicate (a title for which I should possibly be fired) the movie is screening in Oklahoma City at the deadCENTER Film Festival. Nerdcore Rising is, in fact, the closing night film – ain’t that something! And its screening in an outdoor type thingeejig which will make it a very starlit evening of the Nerdcore. Here’s the deal:  


deadCENTER Festival Screening Details:
Closing Night Film
Saturday June 14, 9:30pm
Corner N.E. 3rd & E.K. Gaylord
Free to the Public!


See you at the country’s hearty center point.



PS: Here’s a chat I had a with local Sooner named Chad. Outstanding fella.


PPS: By the way, did you know that 27,000 new people have visited us here at nerdcorerising.com since the movie premiered? That’s just the newbies, I’m not even counting visits from the old-bies! Those are some numbers! Thank you for visiting!