Optimus Rhyme

Optimus RhymeDo not call them a boy band. If there was a glove-slapping duel of wits between Optimus Rhyme and a group like the Backstreet Boys, you can be sure that this quartet of Autobots would defeat the obnoxious rapperless Decepticons a hundred times over. The fearsome foursome, straight out of Seattle, transform themselves into Wheelie,the ‘Conveyor Belt Poet’ who wheelds a speedy Super Mario tongue comparable to Bone Thugz & Harmony; Stumblebee, the ‘Bass Theorist;’

Powerthighs, the ‘Axe Manipulation Specialist’ (a.k.a. guitarist); and Grimrock, the kicking and crashing Dinobot of drums.

With a love of all things Transformers, this Funk-Rock hip hop armada has an impressive discography since their humble beginnings as warriors fighting the manufacturing Wackacons of commercial music in 2000. Optimus dropped their EP, AutoBeat, in 2002 and quickly followed with Positronic Pathways, Narcofunk Compilation, Optimus Rhyme (their first full studio album), Brobot Demos, School the Indie Rockers, and Rhyme Torrents Volume II (a Nerdcore compilation project). They are often aided by the lyrical machine, Rapper Broken English, have performed with MC Frontalot and were featured in a tron of articles including Newsweek, Billboard and Wired.

Infusing a critical attitude on today’s music biz with observations of everyday life set to engaging and progressive beats makes everyone feel like they can relate to Optimus: “I hate it when I gotta get up when it’s dark. I’m too tired and I just wanna sleep in, start thinkin’ I might have a cough. Think my boss would believe it?”