Do You Live Here?

Homeys,   You know how I’ve been collecting your zip codes in the “Request the Film” tab above… and in every email I send out… and in every time any of you have the misfortune of speaking to me in person? Well, all that requesting is about to pay off! We’re arranging a pseudo-tour of […]


The Nerdcore Stylings of College Park

Hey Folks!   PAX was amazing and awesome and I have a lot things to say about it in video blog format. But, I still have to edit that bizness, so in the meantime I just wanted to remind you about the movie’s opening in College Park, MD. If you’re anywhere in the hood (and […]


A Video Telling You What You Already Know

Dearest Peeps- In my last post, I bloggishly announced that the movie will be enjoying its West Coast Premiere at the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle at the Washington State Convention Center at 4pm on Saturday August 30th. And while its still true that the film is going to be having its West Coast Premiere […]


A Large Announcement

Dearest folks,   For months you’ve been speculating on whether Nerdcore Rising would screen at PAX.* Your speculation has been digested, dissected, deflected, and d-something’ed else. Truth is, at first I wasn’t sure if we were gonna screen there; then I was sure; then I didn’t know how to announce it; then I got rapped […]


Nerdcore Rising Soundtrack Tracklisting

Are you hankering to know what songs we used in the movie? Well, here are 15 of the 48 tunes that grace the movie’s soundtrack. “Braggadocio (Live)” By MC Frontalot Keyboard: Gaby Alter – Bass: Brandon Patton – Drums: Sturgis Cunningham Recording from 2006 Nerdcore Rising Tour Published by Nerdcore Fervor Conglomerated (ASCAP), ©2006 “Yellow […]

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