And Boston Begat Burlington…

This weekend Nerdcore Rising had the distinct honor of screening at the Independent Film Festival of Boston. A motley crew of film festival peeps, ROFLCON internet celebs, software designers, and smarty-pants collegiates made up the audience for what was, one of the most unbelievably awesome weekends a movie could ever have.

  1. ITA Software:
    Our sponsors invited us over to their offices where they violently force fed us delicious free food, evilly gave us ITA swag, and had the unmitigated gall to ask us to promote the movie to their 450 person company! What a bunch of assholes, right? Seriously though, if you know something about algorithms, you should visit their website, and try to weasel your way into getting a job there because I’ve never seen so many happy people… nor have I been privy to so many sys-op jokes.

  2. Dude who paid for a hug:
    You see, after screenings, we here at Nerdcore Rising shamelessly beg people to buy t-shirts. For $20 you can totally get a hardcorely awesome t-shirt that will not only cover half of your naked body, but will help get us out of our Bear Sterns-esque debt. One gentleman from the audience, who will hereafter be referred to as “The Sweetheart-est Nerdcore Rising Fan Ever” didn’t have enough on him to buy a t-shirt but instead gave me five dollars in exchange for a hug. The fact of the matter is, my current rate for hugs is $0, so accepting the five bones might be deemed morally suspect. But, to The Sweetheart-est Nerdcore Rising Fan Ever: I don’t know who you are or what you do but I promise your money will go to good use and I promise that your gesture made me feel really happy. Thank you, dude, wherever you are…
  3. The After Party:
    Some of our young friends couldn’t get in because of that thing where you have to be 21 to be in the presence of alcohol… and 21 year olds. So, that kinda sucked . But don’t worry, you didn’t really miss anything.  It was only “totally cool” to see MC Frontalot & Prince Paul perform… it wasn’t “unbelievably cool” or anything.
  4. Torrey’s Parents:
    One of our associate editors, Torrey Townsend, has parents. And we got to meet them in Boston. And they were lovely! I just want to thank them for giving birth to their son, that kinda worked out really well for Nerdcore Rising.


Burlington, VT is next!! Do you live there? Do you wanna come see the movie? Here are some details
Benefit Screening of Nerdcore Rising: For Vermont International Film Festival
@ Palace 9 on Shelburne Road
Sunday May 4th at 7pm
Tickets are available at Palace 9
More information 


Also, a few weeks ago we got a really sweet post from the Humblest Blog On the Net. They usually review sci-fi books but the writer, Skwid decided to do a movie review slash a day-in-the-life-of-a-Nerdcore-Rising-screening type piece that’s fun and should be shared with you all:


1) a random guy in front of an hilarious add from our sponsors 2) what Cambridge screening audiences (always) looks like 3) what a crowd happy to be listening to the Nerdcore hip hop looks like


The Boston Thing, Please Explain

 I believe the Boston situation deserves its very own brief entry as the previous blog (AKA The Bumblingest Blog from the Annals of Convoluted Bloggery) has left some confused. So, here goes:

How to Obtain Free Tickets to the MC Frontalot/Prince Paul After Party at the Independent Film Festival Boston: A Four Part Treaties
  1. Email me by April 22 with your name (“me” being negin and my email address being, the thing you would normally find on the Contact page of this here website)

  2. I’ll put your name on a slip of paper PLUS ONE. I will throw said paper in a hat-like object. Since my original, now notoriously confusing blog entry, I’ve decided to specify that the hat-like object will in fact be the hat I wore when I played the part of “G-d” in Neil Simon’s “God’s Favorite” my senior year of high school*). The first fifty to be drawn from that Neil Simon-esque hat, will get in to the party.
  3.  I’ll email you back (probably on April 23/24) letting you know that you’re getting a free ticket to the party. Your response to that email may be to A) rejoice, B) shrug with indifference, or C) eat a waffle.
  4. The catch is you can only pick up your ticket at one of the screenings. Which means, that you might as well see the film while you’re at it! But I wouldn’t view that as “a catch” maybe more of an “awesome incidental.” But of course, I’m biased.

Of course, if you want to see the movie in the Boston area, you’d need this information:

IFF Boston Screening Details:

Friday, April 25, Midnight @ Somerville Theatre (55 Davis Square)
Sunday, April 27, 5pm @ Brattle Theatre (40 Brattle St., Harvard Square)
Get Tix Here

Negin Only Gods FavoriteHope that clears up our role in the IFFBoston and its closing night ITA/Nerdcore Rising party.

With a larger sense of clarity,

*I mean, I don’t want to brag but that part landed me the prestigious “Best Actress” trophy in the annual Palm Springs High School Thespian Awards. It would have been unbecoming had I mentioned that in the actual body of the blog – of course not everyone is as fortunate as I am to win the much sought after PSHSTA. But I did feel that it warranted a small utterance in the post-script space. And again, without wanting to brag, a photo of me in that role just seemed necessary. I’m 16 in the photo. And yes, a drama geek of epic proportions.