AFI Dallas Wrap Report & Atlanta Projections

Dear Shareholders,

Second quarter Nerdcore Rising screenings at AFI Dallas brought tremendous good fortune for Nerdcore Rising Industries, both in terms of brand equity and fun equity.


Sold out houses at the screenings led to an unprecedented upswing in committed Dallas-based fans, insuring future gains in area screenings.


The post-screening MC Frontalot show drew fans into the upper-indices of joy and rapping-alongedness. This is largely due to the total quality management of film sponsor and post-production house REEL FX. Wendy Teague (Supervising Manager of Cool), Kathryn Harper (Managing Director of Awesome Services), Brandon Oldenberg (Vice President of Unbelievably Chill) and Chuck Peil (Executive Vice President of Ridiculously Helpful) provided support services that cannot be quantified at this time because they were: OFF THE CHARTS!


Other items of note: Nerdcore Rising Industries would like to thank Moxygecko & company (from Austin) and the Stephenville 5 (from Stephenville). They imported a set of friendly eyes and enthusiastic/well-functioning ears to the screenings. It is our hope to continue outsourcing “love & support” operations to those two companies.


Retail consumption of t-shirts enjoyed a 1000% gain in Dallas up from zero (… ah… because we had never sold them before). Our retail efforts were so well-received that the web division of Nerdcore Rising Industries will also make them available for sale in the coming day. Literally, like tomorrow.


Future investments include the Atlanta Film Festival where screenings on April 12 & 15 are expected to parallel or even out-perform AFI Dallas. For shareholders interested in going to those screenings, please visit for ticket information.


The Auditor’s Report of Details is below.


Sincerely Yours,


Negin Farsad
President & CEO of Nerdcore Rising Industries 



Auditor’s Report
Nerdcore Rising Screenings @ The Atlanta Film Festival
Sat, Apr 12, 10:30PM Landmark Midtown #4
Tue, Apr 15, 2:40 PM Landmark Midtown #1
Landmark located at 931 Monroe Dr, NE
For Tix:


If you wanna see uber cool animation and motion effects from our Dallas sponsors, visit:


Photos below: 1) a cheering Dallas audience at our second screening, 2) a meticulous 17th century fortress casually erected over one of the animator’s desks at Reel FX, 3) a spectacular collection of comic book/cartoon figurines also casually hovering over a desk at Reel FX, and 4) close-ups of a few of those figurines. … I know, I know, it makes me want to work there too… Sigh…


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