Hey folks, 


Negin here letting you know some crucial information on the eve of Negin’s Second Great Depression: a lot of folks came out to see the film at BGSU and at Edmonton Film Fest. And, a lot of those folks bought stuff from me. Thank you for doing that! However, selling my wares and doing a lot of festivals has meant that the movie has appeared in places that I hoped it wouldn’t. If you are watching the movie somehow — without paying to watch it — I TOTALLY understand, I’ve been there. But I try not to do it to small struggling films or artists.


I’ve got a lot of evil creditors on my nuts, calling me everyday, threatening me. Why? Because in order to make this movie I incurred a massive debt. I spent 3 years and 3 gajillion dollars to make this film. And, while I’m really happy that people like it and want to share it, I really, really hope that in exchange you would consider donating money to the movie.  The money only goes to the debt. I promise. I have never paid myself a dime.


Or, better yet, buy the DVD. Or the t-shirt. Or the soundtrack


I’m just a desperately broke gal who made a movie – if I was some kind of rich corporation, I really wouldn’t bother with this mesage. A fan commented below that this film at least needs a tip jar – the good news is WE HAVE ONE HERE! Go there, tip us… please. Your waitress (AKA the movie) doesn’t earn anything otherwise. 


Sad, broke, really broke,