UltraklystronUpon hearing the name, it’s understandable that you would immediately think “Oh, a radical linear-beam vacuum tube used to produce both low-power reference signals for superheterodyne radar receivers as well as high-power carrier waves for communication. Obviously.” But Ultraklystron is no tube.

He is a revolutionary “magical girl moe” (meaning lover of fictional young anime women with superhuman abilities who are forced to fight evil and protect the earth while wearing a miniskirt and pink-ruffled thigh-high leggings…because how could you fight death and destruction otherwise?) Nerdcore Hiphop MC/producer and drum n’ bass/minimal techno/ambient/electronica artist best known for remixing phat funky bombastic beats for MC Frontalot and MC Chris.

An intense anime and manga (the Japanese word for comics and print cartoons, which is sometimes called komikku – remember that, we’ll be coming back to it later) enthusiast, this Washingtonian shoved Mozart over when he first started writing music at age 10, mostly inspired by smelling-like-teen-spirit alternative/grunge music before surfing into electronica after being introduced to it via Mtv AMP and then on to drum n’ bass after being introduced to Jungle Sky Records and Roni Size/Reprasent.

Inspired by a crush on a real life Ryoko (a hot anime chick), Ultraklystron dropped the first Nerdcore love album, Romance Language, after releasing his first Nerdcore LP, Revision4920. You can also catch him rapping freestyle on SpikeTV’s GameHead, collaborating with the sultry fembot Nursehella and producing/collaborating with Nerdcore/J-Pop (Japanese pop music) artist Rai. Oh, and don’t ask him if you can use a song for your adult film, Ron Jeremy, Ultraklystron only sticks to kawaii (cute) anime and komikku (remember?) women. So brush up on your Japanese but,

“Until then you better keep the floors clean and dusted
To make sure I’ve got a surface for the moves that I’ve busted.”

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