YT Cracker and Spamtec Crew

YT Cracker and SpamtecNever has an artist had better nerd cred than Bryce Case, Jr., aka YT Cracker, who could program Basic before he could talk. Good luck making friends in preschool while you’re navigating MSDOS. YT Cracker’s first taste of fame came at age 17 when he got caught hacking into and defacing one of NASA’s websites.
What’s one to do after being called a hacker prodigy on every major media outlet?

Drop out of high school.

But the nerdcore sweet life doesn’t come that easy. Cracker added more geeky goodness to his res by becoming a tech support representative for Gateway, Inc. and later a systems analyst for Ford. So when YT Cracker yells “Represent!” from the stage, he’s literally talking about tech support representatives.

In 2004 this mega-dork and semi-criminal finally threw himself into nerdcore hip-hop full time. With fellow artist Phlow, he put out the album STC is the greatest as the duo “Spamtec.” Their next effort Still the Greatest dropped in 2005.

Finally in 2006 YT Cracker’s public demanded a full-length taste of his solo work. So he gave it to them with the hit album Nerd Life. And that’s the perfect name for his music because no one rocks the nerdcore life as true as YT Cracker. – Just ask NASA.

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