Frontalot Tour Dates!

Don’t Front like you don’t wanna see Front. Here’s some tour dates for Frontalot with Schaffer the Darklord. For more detailed tour info visit: We?ll bring you period reports from the band on the road? Thurs. Nov. 8th – The Living Room in Providence, RI Fri. Nov. 9th – Harper’s Ferry in Allston, MA […]


“Lars” Gives Hope to Nerds Everywhere – our first NERD MOVIE REVIEW!

Hey folks! David Spiecher here – one of the innumerable helping hands in the Nerdcore Rising circle (okay, we’re not innumerable, I would say there’s between 3 and 33 of us or something… my counting is not so good). Ehem, anyways, we here at Nerdcore Rising had an itch to talk about other nerd movies […]


My Affair with Technology: Technophile Lust and the iPhone

Last week Negin referenced the story of how I almost skipped my best friend’s wedding in order to buy the iPhone. This sounds like a joke but it’s actually embarrassingly true: I think this is a question every young man faces at least once in his life: Should I skip my best friend’s wedding in […]


Meet the Nerdcore Blogging Team

Hi, my names Mike D but I’m known by the Nerdcore Rising crew as DJDawgson. Ok, not really. I’m just a behind-the-scenes tech support guy that stands in the long shadows cast by musical maestro MC Frontalot and power producer Negin Farsad. I am every nerd. I am there at Thanksgiving when you try to […]

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