Michigan! A video!


First – don’t forget to see the movie in Michigan this weekend. Especially if you’re in Detroit on Saturday because I’ll be there but also especially if you’re in Ann Arbor on Sunday because I won’t be there and it could use some extra negin-y-ness.


Second – in the absence of NR-related videos, I figured I would share this with you. Its a satirical healthcare vid made by the same people who brought you Nerdcore Rising (i.e. me). Watch below and tell your friends because I totally want stable health insurance one day.


And if you’re in New York on Wednesday, please check out the vigil for Iran.  





Detroit! Ann Arbor! This Weekend!

Hey guys,


The movie will be screening on Saturday as part of the Detroit-Windsor International Film Festival and on Sunday as part of the Ann Arbor District Library summer film series this weekend. And, I’m not gonna lie, Frontalot & band will be performing at both events. Find your infos for Detroit here and for Ann Arbor here.


I’ll be at the Detroit screening and would love to heartily shake your hand so stop by and say hello. 





What Our Pals Do

Our friends are cool. They do stuff like theatre, and art, and performance-based fake stage sex. Of course that means its the Air Sex Championships and the finals are happening this Friday June 12 at the Highline Ballroom in New York City. Untrue to form, a nerdcore rapper will be in there midst. In this case the most sexually advanced nerdcore rapper is Chris Trew (AKA Terp 2 It) and he will be thrusting his fully clothed crotch into an invisible vagina for your entertainment. The details are here


And on the following night our friend Schaffer the Darklord of Schaffer and The Darklords will be performing at Arlene’s Grocery. He is the most sinister, the most forboding, and the most violently delightful of the nerdcore rappers. Direct yourselves here for informations on that showz. 


If you don’t live in New York then I don’t know what you should do this weekend but don’t forget to call your pops on Sunday!



of the lady directors guild





Some Random Stuff



Discovered an awesome new site, I think its worth looking at:



A birdie tells me that a particular nerdcore rapper of note (okay fine, MC Lars! I can’t keep it in!) will have a particular web comic of note (okay fine, 27th Street! I’m no good at being coy!) on the site soon. RSS that shit to know exactly when!


Furthermore, it gives me lots of joy to announce the new album from Blak Lotus (AKA Brandon Patton), "Underhill Downs." Here’s what Lotus had to say about it: 


The project was delayed by the enormous success of my other band, MC Frontalot, and the movie that was made [Nerdcore Rising] documenting our journey from inexperienced wimps to road weary, jaded, super-wimps. I was homeless for 8 months (don’t worry, I had places to stay.) And all the while, I was just trying to get a home studio going again so I could finish this behemoth, my own little heartbreaking work of staggering genius, my own little Chinese Democracy, the document of my rising from the ashes of past failures and asserting that, yes, beyond all reason, making a personal rock record was the most important thing one could achieve. I laughed contemptuously as people reached major peace agreements, saved innocents from oncoming traffic, and eradicated microbial scourges from the earth. Ha! THEY weren’t taking forever to make a personal rock album like I was. Like Axl Rose. Like… James Joyce and Finnegan’s Wake. What? Although, I am pretty sure, my product will be somewhat more accessible. You won’t need cliff notes. 


If you’re me, then you can’t wait to hear this new music (and you suffer from severe seasonal allergies). For the New Yorkers among us, you can do that here: 

April 17 – 8pm

Piano’s – New York, NY 


That’s about it. Enjoy things.




I’m at SXSW!

If you’re at SXSW, and you mildly give a shit about publicity issues surrounding independent film, well then have I got the panel for you! Its the alternative publicity panel at SXSW on Saturday and I’ll be speaking on it because I’m an ‘expert’ [read: shittalker] in the ‘field’ [read: my living room]. 


But we have other extremely important events to tackle, namely, the Nerdcore showcase. Thanks to Chris Trew AKA Terp 2 It (and maybe a little attention sparked by our little movie at SX’08) some of our favorite nerdcore artists will be having a showcase at SXSW. Here’s what Chris had to say about it: 


When I approached SXSW to do a Nerdcore showcase, there was zero debate. Matt Sonzala (music programmer) was aware of the Rising and was eager to work with me to make this happen. He gets props for that, and props in advance to the fans for the huge turnouts we are going to get. (Right?)

Show Info!


So if you see a man named Matt Sonzala you are to give him a hug of thanks. And if you see a man named Chris Trew, you are to admire his rapping. He’ll be joined by our very own MC Frontalot, MC Lars, and the most Canadian of the bunch, Jesse Dangerously.






your most faithful of shittalking director ladies

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