Meet the Nerdcore Blogging Team

Hi, my names Mike D but I’m known by the Nerdcore Rising crew as DJDawgson.

Ok, not really. I’m just a behind-the-scenes tech support guy that stands in the long shadows cast by musical maestro MC Frontalot and power producer Negin Farsad.

I am every nerd. I am there at Thanksgiving when you try to explain to your grandparents what a systems engineer does ("you fix computers") I am there when your weekly phone call home becomes tech support instead of parental love. And I’m especially there when you bring a girl home (finally) only to hear her make an excuse and flee because she finds that life-size Halo diorama you’ve constructed in your bedroom. I’m there, in the closet, hiding…. er, I mean, I’m there in spirit. As in, I feel your pain, not that I’ve installed spy cameras throughout your house that stream video to a pay voyeur site called Though I might be onto something.

For the next few months, I’ll be reporting from the front lines of nerd culture, as Negin and others on the Nerdcore Rising team keep us up-to-date with regular entires on the labor of love that is Nerdcore Rising.