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For those of you who were turned away at the door of the NYC premiere of the film – and not to brag but there were quite a few of you in that category (she says as she brushes her shoulders off) – there’s a screening in Brooklyn on Monday! More particularly, there’s a screening in Williamsburg, BK where the hipsters lurk and judge with ennui. The info is here but I think its worth noting that the 15 minute short film that’s playing before my 80 minute oeuvre (she says as she laughs at herself for using the term "oeuvre") is called Die Harderer and its an hilarious expose of fire scenes from Die Hard movies. Fire Scenes? What?!? I don’t know! But I can’t wait to find out. This Monday, March 9 at 8:50pm!

Love to you and yours,



director lady to you and yours

Reclaiming the Day!

For far too long, Friday February the 13th has been considered the scariest day of the year (a day which this year also immediately precedes the most love-filled day of the year but never mind). However, in this, the dawn of a new American era, I think its time to rid ourselves of these old stereotypes and to recognize Friday the 13th for what it really is: the nerdcoriest day of the year. That’s right, Nerdcore Rising will be non-scarily enjoying its New York premiere as part of the 92YTribeca Film Series (schminfo below).


What does that mean? First off, it means that my friends & neighbors who have been listening to me complain, moan, and occasionally chirp about the making of this movie can finally see it because, like the current set of roommates on MTV’s Real World, I live in New York! Second off, according to the amazing Datatron Zip Code 3000, it means that the largest population of NR fans in the country will finally be able to see this motherfucker on a large screen. FINALLY.


So, please join my shit on Friday February 13th for the least scary, least gory screening of Nerdcore Rising. There’s two shows that night (8pm & 10:15pm) to accommodate all o’ yous. Stick around for a post-show Q&A with my shit-talking stylings, as well as the crappings of MC Frontalot, the balderdash of G Minor 7, the verbal goo of Black Lotus, and the unmitigated poppycock of the Sturgenius.


Never again will we think of Friday the 13th as a scary day. Never again.


Your Eternal Valentine,


amorous director lady


PS – If you’ve been wondering why my postings have been less frequent or why I managed to reference The Real World above, its because I’ve been writing jokes and developing a TV pilot for MTV called Detox. I’m almost fluent in tween! Check out an episode of the web side of it and let me know what you think!  



Nerdcore Rising at the 92YTribeca Film Series

Friday February 13th 8pm & 10:15pm

92YTribeca – 200 Hudson Street (at Canal)

tickets & shit


Nerdcore Rising plays golf!



I’m going to my hometown – Palm Springs – and this time, its not to visit my parents or to be nagged about my vegetable intake. Oh no, this time, I’m going to show Nerdcore Rising at the Palm Springs International Film Festival. Palm Springs is a weird place – lots of golf and senior citizens so its not necessarily a place where the nerd population might find itself and the film festival is not known to show movies like this at all. But this desert town still produced a fiilmmaker and quite sensibly the festival is trying to give every student in the desert a chance to see the film – so they’re making it FREE for students and their parents! They’re also making it free for my friends and family which in my extremely broad definition includes you guys. So, if you wanna see the movie and you live in the desert of Southern Californa, shoot me an email and I’ll get you on some sort of list! Details below. 


Happy New Year,  my homeys.




your dutiful desert filmmaker


Palm Springs Film Festival screening:

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Regal Cinemas, 789 East Tahquitz Canyon Way

Free for students and you!



Episode 1: Pseudo Movie Tour Video Blog


The video is the only thing I have to say today, folks.


There’s a totally and completely premeditated and thoroughly planned intentional mistake in the video. For 10 points, see if you can find it. Enjoy!




Deewreckedher of Mooovie


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