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I just wanted to remind you that the mooovie is playing at the Sound Unseen Festival in Minneapolis on Wednesday night for those of you who live in Al Franken country. In fact, one of their local papers gave us a super lovely review. But if you’d rather see it at a smarty pants New England college, there’s also a screening conveniently located on the campus of MIT the same night. 


I’ll actually be at the Minneapolis screening for a post-show Q&A if you have a hankering to see a Persian face. I have one of those so it could work out for both of us. 





Hot Springs tonight!

Just a reminder about the Hot Springs screening of the movie and MC Frontalot post-show performance. I got the time wrong in my last blog – the screening is actually at 9:30. Oops! Hope you folks can make it.

Hot Springs, AR & Minneapolis, MN, bitches!

The movie is playing in two awesome spots which means you guys should come and see the shit out of it.

Here’s the info:

Nerdcore Rising @ Hot Springs Film Festival
Friday Oct. 24, 10pm
Saturday Oct. 25, 8pm (followed by afterparty featuring the nerdcore stylings of MC Frontalot & band)
Ticket & location info here

Nerdcore Rising @ Sound Unseen Festival
Wednesday, October 29
7:15 PM
St. Anthony Main Theatre
Tix & More Info

Now listen up, my parents are going to be at the Hot Springs screenings and will be seeing the movie for the FIRST TIME! (They couldn’t come to the premiere because of a bunch of dutiful things they had to do in Iran – where we’re from – that’s how come my name is all weird and unpronouncable.) Anyhoo, my point is, if you come, laugh extra hard, and if you see them tell them they shouldn’t regret having created me that one night in the backseat of their Datsun station wagon in that sketchy parking lot.*

All right folks, see you in the South and Midwest.


*That story’s not true and I totally grossed myself out. Plus, they’re full-on parental types so they probably won’t get a joke like that, or… anything about my movie, to be honest. But they’ll know to like it if everyone is laughing.


Hey folks, 


Negin here letting you know some crucial information on the eve of Negin’s Second Great Depression: a lot of folks came out to see the film at BGSU and at Edmonton Film Fest. And, a lot of those folks bought stuff from me. Thank you for doing that! However, selling my wares and doing a lot of festivals has meant that the movie has appeared in places that I hoped it wouldn’t. If you are watching the movie somehow — without paying to watch it — I TOTALLY understand, I’ve been there. But I try not to do it to small struggling films or artists.


I’ve got a lot of evil creditors on my nuts, calling me everyday, threatening me. Why? Because in order to make this movie I incurred a massive debt. I spent 3 years and 3 gajillion dollars to make this film. And, while I’m really happy that people like it and want to share it, I really, really hope that in exchange you would consider donating money to the movie.  The money only goes to the debt. I promise. I have never paid myself a dime.


Or, better yet, buy the DVD. Or the t-shirt. Or the soundtrack


I’m just a desperately broke gal who made a movie – if I was some kind of rich corporation, I really wouldn’t bother with this mesage. A fan commented below that this film at least needs a tip jar – the good news is WE HAVE ONE HERE! Go there, tip us… please. Your waitress (AKA the movie) doesn’t earn anything otherwise. 


Sad, broke, really broke,



Deep Fried Pickles

Hello Folks! 

Just wanted to remind you that the movie will be playing tonight on the campus of Bowling Green State University. Details are on the Screenings tab. And, strangely, I’ll be warming up the audience with standup before the screening – I asked if I could just force everyone to do shots of Jagermeister beforehand but they frowned on that and cited something about ‘university policy.’ Lame.


Regional highlights so far, the deep fried pickles at Tony Packo’s in Toledo (Clinger’s favorite restaurant from MASH) and the Fruit Fucker t-shirt being warn by one of our hosts. (I guess the fact that I’m being hosted by a bunch of extremely hilarious and scarily smart PhD candidates is a highlight too… I guess). 


Till Later,



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