Michigan! A video!

Guys! First – don’t forget to see the movie in Michigan this weekend. Especially if you’re in Detroit on Saturday because I’ll be there but also especially if you’re in Ann Arbor on Sunday because I won’t be there and it could use some extra negin-y-ness.   Second – in the absence of NR-related videos, […]


Detroit! Ann Arbor! This Weekend!

Hey guys,   The movie will be screening on Saturday as part of the Detroit-Windsor International Film Festival and on Sunday as part of the Ann Arbor District Library summer film series this weekend. And, I’m not gonna lie, Frontalot & band will be performing at both events. Find your infos for Detroit here and […]


What Our Pals Do

Our friends are cool. They do stuff like theatre, and art, and performance-based fake stage sex. Of course that means its the Air Sex Championships and the finals are happening this Friday June 12 at the Highline Ballroom in New York City. Untrue to form, a nerdcore rapper will be in there midst. In this […]


Some Random Stuff

Folks!   Discovered an awesome new site, I think its worth looking at: http://www.padsandpanels.com/   A birdie tells me that a particular nerdcore rapper of note (okay fine, MC Lars! I can’t keep it in!) will have a particular web comic of note (okay fine, 27th Street! I’m no good at being coy!) on the […]


I’m at SXSW!

If you’re at SXSW, and you mildly give a shit about publicity issues surrounding independent film, well then have I got the panel for you! Its the alternative publicity panel at SXSW on Saturday and I’ll be speaking on it because I’m an ‘expert’ [read: shittalker] in the ‘field’ [read: my living room].    But […]

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