BeefyDon’t be fooled – “Beefy” is just his AKA. If you’re gonna be a nerdcore artist, what better birth name than “Keith.” That gives you nerd cred right there. (Even Keith Richards is a nerd at heart.) Beefy lives up to his name and is a formidable presence onstage. He has produced two EPs – The Whitesician EP and Nerd. His first full-length album Tube Technology dropped in 2006 on the Nerd South Records label, and he’s currently working on his second album during commercial breaks of Mythbusters.

If you’re looking for references to Orcs in your rap, then Beefy is the place to find it. This man knows his gaming as well as he knows his cupcakes and is often mentioned on G4TV blogs.

However, Beefy is also a bit of a paradox. He’s a nerdcore rapper, gaming blogger, and yet somehow still good with the ladies. As he says in You Can Call Me Beef, “Ladies, Beefy’s in short supply.” How does one pick up a chick while whispering sweet Halo 3 codes in her ear? Leave it to the Beefman to pull off the impossible.

But he’s such a good guy, he doesn’t keep the Beef all to himself. He collaborates regularly with Doctor Popular, MC Router, Shael Riley, tanner4105, and DJ Snyder. In fact, Beef, Shael Riley, and MC Router make up the super group Tri-Force3. It’s like when all the various robots come together to form Voltron, except more dramatic.

Beefy describes his music’s sound as “like a unicorn dying,” and we’d have to agree.

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