Big Ol’ Accident



For a while now I’ve had a huge phobia of driving – sometimes that happens to people who live in New York City and don’t own cars. But now, I’m anti car! Totally anti! Because we here at Nerdcore Rising just had a real shitty accident on the road.

I joined up with the Frontalot/Lars/YT Cracker tour in Chicago for four days that sorta overlapped with the movie tour. Things were moving along pretty swimmingly until Mother Nature decided to throw some ice down on our freeway. There was swerving, cursing, and uncontrollable wheeling (is that a term?). Everyone is totally okay – minus some yet-to-be-understood whiplash and achiness – but the trailer, along with all the equipment and merchandise that constitutes “our living” was strewn across Highway 35 in Minnesota.

The first thing I saw was MC Lars, in the middle of the freeway, in front of stopped traffic, trying to swipe up hundreds of copies of the movie that had been artfully scattered across four lanes. As I’ve always said, my movie is nothing if not a bottle necker! Next thing I saw was the upturned trailer, drums rolling down the median, and whole bunch of Frontalot t-shirts and Lars comic books sprinkled among old pieces of trailer. Again, everyone is totally okay. Though it sucks to see your life’s work in pieces on a freeway (I’m exaggerating for dramatic effect, but you know what I mean). As your dutiful filmmaker, I grabbed my camera and started shooting. So will there be a video blog of this mess? You bet your pants there will be!

Right now I’m at this warehouse type joint where they keep snow tractors for the state of Minnesota. Half the posse is sorting out a new trailer sitch, the other half is testing instruments, and the other half is managing web bizness. That’s right, there are three halves. 

At any rate, I wanted to let the folks know that the Front/Lars/Cracker show in Lincoln, Nebraska has been canceled. The MC’s would like to extend their many sorries – they’ve never had to cancel a show before and they sure feel shitty about it now! I’m 90% sure that the movie will still play in Greeley tomorrow and that the band’s tour will also resume, as scheduled, tomorrow Nov. 11.

Morals of the story: 1) If you’re gonna have an accident, it’s a lot nicer if its not in the sleet and snow. Aim for a sunny clime. 2) The people that manage the snow and pick up wreckage in the State of Minnesota are super nice, extremely helpful, and totally angelic. (That one’s not really a moral but just an observation.) 3) I hope Al Franken wins (that one’s totally unrelated.) 4) The wreckage from a touring band/movie is full of colorful merch which is very cinematic (that one’s a little useless) and 5) We should invest in alternative mass transit solutions which, by and large, are safer than the car culture we now live in. 

That about does it!

Sleepy and a bit shaken,
Your dutiful filmmaker