Brian Posehn

Brian PosehnYep, he’s “that one guy from that one show.” This “gigantic, orange and gay” neighbor is a fixture on Comedy Central’s Sarah Silverman Show (gay on the show of course…in real life he prefers Princess Leia to Hans Solo). But he’s is so much more than that. Posehn is a comedian and actor known for playing every nerdy role in every TV show, in every movie and in every cartoon, ever. Ever. This 6’6″ metal freak from California has appeared on Friends, Seinfeld, Just Shoot Me, Bernie Mac and Everybody Loves Raymond just to name a few.

Oh, don’t feel left out, video game fanatics, because he also voiced Grunts in Halo 2.

And, did we mention that he’s a classically trained pianist? Pianos notwithstanding, his metal dork nature took over when he appeared in Rob Zombie’s The Devil’s Rejects and an Anthrax music video. But Nerdlingers and heavy metal lovers worldwide banded together after Posehn dropped Metal by Numbers on his first album Live In: Nerd Rage, a song mocking bands that term themselves “metal” but are clearly not. In other words, die, Nickelback, die.

When he’s not writing comic books about a Santa who delivers presents and kills mutants in a post-apocalyptic world, he dons a diaper and plays an “Ink Fairy” for Staples ads. And seriously, if you’re a true fan, do NOT send him skis as a gift. He will most likely break them in half, hunt your snowy ass down and slay you with his Wii Hero Pack Sword. ‘Cause “skiing is hard, asshole.”

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