Chris Trew AKA Terp 2 It

ImageChris Trew is one of very few who not only busts geeky verse but also manages to bust some bonified, balls-out live comedy. This comic-cum-rapper is based in Austin and when The Freshest Dude came out – his first album as Terp 2 It – Chris Trew emerged on the scene as a no-nonsence nerdcore-ite of the Texan variety.

As early as the awkward high school years, Chris flirted with techy rebellion by posting, what had been newly labeled, a “website” with the names of all the people who hated him. Though most dial-up connections at the time could barely handle his masterful html, that little debacle managed to get Chris expelled from high school. That didn’t stop him from going to LSU, learning a bunch of stuff, starting a comedy group, and using his multi-funny, multi-geeky, multi-talented skillz for nerdcore good. Not evil. Good… so much Terp 2 It good.

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