High C

High C Hailing from the dirrrty south, this Louisiana lyrical machine shone early on in nerdcore history. A long, long time ago, around the time of the first nerdcore dominion (as in, 1995 the year of our lord), High-C dropped his avant-garde first track “Godzilla,” where he began his mission to “bring pure unadultered 100% Colombian quality hip-hop dopeness into being.” This Tarzanian rhapsodist began frequenting topics such as technology figures, literary allusions and serial killers. Serial killers? Coincidentally High-C’s real name is Jason. Hmmm….

“From the depths of hell my wild style was born
I mastered peas and cream corn.”

Oh, he mastered those peas and cream corn, all right. In 2001, High-C banded together with a ‘laptop geezer from the great white north’ named DJ Manticore to form Meter Versus Yard. Meters=Canada. Yard=USA. For conversion, or just abandon the calculator and listen to their tunes.

Rhyme Torrents’ The Nerdcore Hip-Hop Compilation CD Project contains some of High-C’s and Meter Versus Yard’s best work including Flame Extension and When In Rome. High-C has also collaborated with Australia’s The XXXXing Pigs, TINC Project and guitarist Kid Charlemagne. High C might call himself a “Tori Amos on male hormones” but he warns you not to invite him to “your momma’s mobile home.”

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