MC Lars

ImageIf you were to ask MC Lars, he’d tell you that he doesn’t make Nerdcore music; he’s makes Post-Punk Laptop Rap. You might have to get a screen guard for that – it sounds messy.

MC Lars is prolific and successful. Evidence: He has put out five albums over the past eight years and he has toured with such bands as The Matches, Simple Plan, Bolwing for Soup, Gym Class Heroes, Say Anything, Streetlight Manifesto, Suburban Legends, Patent Pending, Fightstar, MC Frontalot, and Wheatus. Limp Bizkit, however, is still waiting for the phone call.

Lars fills his rhymes with a rich and geektastic blend of references to old-school rappers (think Eazy-E), Nerdcore culture, alternative bands (think Supergrass), and English lit (think Shakespeare). Prime example: “Who’s that rappin’ at my chamber door? Mr. Raven all up in my grill like nevermore!” That’s undoubtedly the best callback to Poe since Juvenile’s well known line “I’m rich bitch! And you mo’ po’ than Edgar Allen Poe!”

Unlike that other famous musical Lars, this one has vehemently avoided the path of the sell-out. He has his own record label (Horris Records) and is not willing to produce “more accessible” crap that might be more likely to get heavy rotation on MTV and the like. Instead, this Lars has decided to hang on to his nerdy soul and drop some great albums to boot.

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