MC Paul Barman


more like a nerdcore frontiersman

Much like George Washington felt after penning his sig to the Declaration of Independence, this forefather of Nerdcore has seen the grand emergence of a new nerdalicious nation. This Garden Stater has collaborated with more producers, DJs and performers than hot futuristic sex robots will interface with great-great grand nerds.

After hip-hop producer Prince Paul heard Barman’s “Enter Pan-Man” from his 1998 album “Postgraduate Work,” he offered Barman the chance to amalgamate their talents into a single network resulting in “It’s Very Stimulating,” which Rolling Stone gave four Wolf 359 stars AND named it one of their Best Albums of the Year.

With a passion for word play, “I’m iller than the Iliad and flow more than Shoah, while you’re so corny you’ve gotta SOH CAH TOA,” it’s not surprising to find that Barman is a Brown University grad. He is, in fact, the only person who managed to bust a fully improvised rap in the middle of his Nerdcore Rising interview. Was it an act of sheer genius? Absolutely.

While he would rather make sweet love to BloodRayne before she sank her teeth into his white neck, Barman has settled for formulating opuses such as “How Hard is That,” produced by PM Dawn (who first populated the scene around the time Ford Tauruses and Mario Bros. ruled the world). He has cameoed on a number of projects with artists such as Deltron 3030 and has toured with Del the Funkee Homosapien, Blackalicious, and Dalek. Watch out Seal, Barman would also “keep a tidy room for Heidi Klum.”

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