Nerdcore Rising will premiere at SXSW!

Hey folks!

South By Southwest Film Festival

Today is a good day. It’s a particularly good day because the Film Powers – those nebulous forces that have given us War Games, X-Men and Teen Wolf TOO (somehow all in the same breath) – have granted us a completely awesome place in the film world. That’s right folks, it’s been a while but finally, finally, finally Nerdcore Rising will be premiering at that venerable Texan institution, the SXSW Film Festival! People like Martin Scorsese, Charlize Theron and Sam Rockwell will also be there but they’ll be a little less DS-dependant and a lot more glammed-up than your average nerdcore-ite. Either way, the celeb-name-dropping just goes to show that SXSW ain’t your grandmother’s film festival.

We are full of glee and in a hot nanosecond from now,* we’ll be providing you with all sorts of information about the premiere. Stuff like: Where? When? How? No, Seriously HOW… did you get in?? But until then, we’re just going to take a moment to thank the nerdbase: a nexus of MC Frontalot fans, Penny Arcade enthusiasts, indie film geeks, and generally interested nerdcore peeps. So, here’s that moment: THANK YOU. We couldn’t do it without you. As we always say: the nerdbase is good above all things.

And, here’s some broken record business: please encourage your friends to request a screening of the film in their town – especially if their town is in that part of central Texas which is less panhandle and more hill country and rhymes with Schmaustin.

And, here’s that point where you wish the record would just fly off the player instead of repeating itself: we still need more funds to get this thing done. Premiering is an expensive business replete with a world of sound-mixing, color-correcting, teranex up-resing and Kona card-renting. Once upon a time this was all jargon but now it’s meaningful to my clicking fingers and aching wallet. So, if you have it in your heart (er, rather, your bank account) to throw a couple of bucks at a little independent film, well, that would be super and amazing and full-on fantastic.

Here are some links to articles that verify the accuracy of the claims made in this blog:

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PS: The trailer has some new faces in it – check it out if you’re curious. Was this post-script coy enough?

*In this instance “nanosecond” is being loosely defined as “moment, hour, or half day”