NursehellaMove aside Lara Croft and Bastila Shan, the new goddess of Nerds has hacked your throne and claimed the universe with your gibs still hanging off her light saber. If the name evokes mega pixilated naughty nurse thoughts in your virtual memory, then you’ve uploaded correctly.
“Lets play spin the bottle – do you look like Harry Potter?
My kisses never miss, you’ll be reduced to Bantha fodder.”

Put your joy sticks down, boys, and take a number, this Vancouverian geeky version of Lady Sovereign has more than a few in her little black book. Best known for Nursehellamentary produced by agent provocateur Baddd Spellah, these two Jedis have an ancient system down. Spellah sends Nursehella a rough beat, which she writes to until it melts Kryptonite. After she’s good and ready, she teleports to his secret laboratory and they record there. She then zooms away in her pink Batmobile and Spella spends countless hours editing, writing, arranging and mixing until the track is hot and tight… like her wifebeater.

So listen up nerdlingers, bow to Nursehella ’cause… “I wail on the mic, and then I cause a scene, I’m super Evil Dead so won’t you hail to the queen!”