OurStage & New Nerd of the Week!


It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted, officially making me a bad blogger! God awful! First rate crap! Downright ghastly! There’s no excuse for such willful tardiness but if I had to make one, I’d tell you about the evil assault my nose made on my face! It was a violent allergy episode that lasted days, depleted my oxygen sources, and threatened the very power base that keeps this ship-of-negin-state in operation. Thankfully, after mounting a nasal steroid offensive, allergens became the vanquished and I became the glorious victor.


And, what did I do with my victory? Wrapped up the latest episode of the wildly ill-titled series, “Nerd of the Week”! This “week’s” episode is on the Chiptunes Nerd. The Chiptunes nerd is known for 8bit melodies, provided by precision crafted instruments like the Gameboy, or its elder, the Commodore 64. Chiptunes music will not only make you dance and sway but it will take you back to those warm and fuzzy days when you scored on the Atari or had wet dreams about Ms Pac-Man. First, watch this episode, then, go rip apart your Nintendo and become a maestro of the chiptunes!


The episode will remind you to click on the OurStage link above and become a member. Why would we want for you to do this? Because for every new member that comes through us, Nerdcore Rising gets ONE DOLLAR. You just have to give them your email address, create a password, and verify your membership through the email they send you. Do they send annoying emails all the time? NO! Do they provide a great source for new music? YES! Would your faithful nerdy filmmaker love you forever? ABSOLUTELY!


Please, thank you, you’re awesome,

negin & the team @ NR:TM


PS: Special thanks to the people at deadCENTER Film Festival who gave us the first ever experience as a closing night film, in the open air no less. Also, Oklahoma City folks are super friendly – the kind of friendly where strangers help you out and give you rides and accurate directions. Who could ask for more? I for one, will never ask for more!


PPS: You’ve seen MC Frontalot on G4 haven’t you? He’s done a little spot for them, DVR your face off and hopefully you’ll catch it!


PPPS: Extra thanks to Two Player Productions for lending a few second of footage to make our episode extra chiptunes-y, they are afterall, the docu-masters of the genre. Peruse their website to confirm.