movie in the BK

Hey!   For those of you who were turned away at the door of the NYC premiere of the film – and not to brag but there were quite a few of you in that category (she says as she brushes her shoulders off) – there’s a screening in Brooklyn on Monday! More particularly, there’s […]


New York-core Rising & the Vlog

Hey Peeps!   I forgot to post the lastest video blog – it is below and here.   And of course, don’t you dare forget about the New York premiere of Nerdcore Rising! Don’t dare do it!   Nerdcore Rising in New York 92Y Tribeca Film Series Friday February 13, 2009 8pm & 10:15 pm […]


Reclaiming the Day!

For far too long, Friday February the 13th has been considered the scariest day of the year (a day which this year also immediately precedes the most love-filled day of the year but never mind). However, in this, the dawn of a new American era, I think its time to rid ourselves of these old […]


Nerdcore Rising plays golf!

Folks!   I’m going to my hometown – Palm Springs – and this time, its not to visit my parents or to be nagged about my vegetable intake. Oh no, this time, I’m going to show Nerdcore Rising at the Palm Springs International Film Festival. Palm Springs is a weird place – lots of golf […]


Episode 1: Pseudo Movie Tour Video Blog

  The video is the only thing I have to say today, folks.   There’s a totally and completely premeditated and thoroughly planned intentional mistake in the video. For 10 points, see if you can find it. Enjoy!   Love, negiin Deewreckedher of Mooovie   

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