Austin & Atlanta

Nerd-loving Homeys!   You know what will counteract the tryptophan-laden stupor you’ll have after T-Giving? A screening of Nerdcore Rising! Followed by Frontalot/Lars/YT Cracker in concert! In fact, you’ll be able to do both of those things on Friday Nov. 28. First you’ll see the screening at 7pm at the Alamo Drafthouse, then you’ll watch […]



Peeps!   This is me reminding you that the movie is playing in San Francisco tonight! and tomorrow night! and for the rest of our lives! (that’s not true, only tonight and tomorrow night, Nov. 19). I’ll be there, the Front will be there, and if we’re lucky Sturgenius and Blak Lotus will be there […]


San Francisco!!!

Peeps!    Thanks for all who emailed/posted about our shitty accident. The luv felt good, real good.    I just wanted to remind you folks that we are T-minus three days away from Nerdcore Rising bliss in San Francisco. Tuesday Nov. 18 and Wednesday Nov. 19 mark our magic days at the Red Vic so […]


Big Ol’ Accident

Homeys,   For a while now I’ve had a huge phobia of driving – sometimes that happens to people who live in New York City and don’t own cars. But now, I’m anti car! Totally anti! Because we here at Nerdcore Rising just had a real shitty accident on the road. I joined up with […]


Its a Tour! Sort of!

Ladies, Gentlemen, Hoodlums, Hooligans, and Nerdly Peops, Nerdcore Rising has had an intense fall season skipping between Edmonton, Canada, Bowling Green, OH, Hot Springs, AK, Cambridge, MA, Minneapolis, MN and a whole bunch of cities in between. And what have we been doing in those cities? Accruing some 5 star reviews (yeah!! bless those critics […]

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