Shael Riley

Shael RileyThis hip-hop artist is currently rhyming out of the Big Apple. He devotes his time to electronica and alternative nerdcore remixes, but he devotes his groin to Zelda. A significant contributor to the video game music arrangement community, he scored a major hit with “Zelda, Music of My Groin,” which made use of the original Nintendo theme song.

Riley has asked that his biggest fans not describe what they do while listening to that song.

His first album Toy Box dropped in 2005. He also performed at Magfest in 2007. While, you’ll often hear him singing a sweet melody, Riley is no stranger to the finer art of rap. At Magfest, he tore it up in a now infamous freestyle rap battle with AE of Wave Theory. Unfortunately, feelings were hurt and MySpace Top Ten Lists were adjusted accordingly.

Shael Riley’s collaboration project Tri-Forc3 is also knockin’ pencils out of pocket protectors. The rap group includes fellow game-addicted artists MC Router and Beefy, who have both stated in past interviews that Shael Riley, not Zelda, is the music of their groins.

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