Austin & Atlanta

Nerd-loving Homeys!


You know what will counteract the tryptophan-laden stupor you’ll have after T-Giving? A screening of Nerdcore Rising! Followed by Frontalot/Lars/YT Cracker in concert! In fact, you’ll be able to do both of those things on Friday Nov. 28. First you’ll see the screening at 7pm at the Alamo Drafthouse, then you’ll watch me, Frontalot, Black Lotus, and the Sturgenius do an amazing and riveting and totally earth shattering post-screening Q&A! And then, we will all stroll casually over to the Flamingo Cantina where we will watch the Front, the Lars, and the YT Cracker regale us with hilariously nerdy lyrics, over-your-head technology references, and the poo-pooing of poor grammar! It shall be fun. 


And, you can repeat that nearly exact experience in Atlanta on Dec. 5th.


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