This is me reminding you that the movie is playing in San Francisco tonight! and tomorrow night! and for the rest of our lives! (that’s not true, only tonight and tomorrow night, Nov. 19). I’ll be there, the Front will be there, and if we’re lucky Sturgenius and Blak Lotus will be there too! Let the homeys know and buy tix, many many tix here.


Here’s a kindly review from a Bay Area journalist of the highest honor.


Our nerdly motion picture will also find its way south to Hollywood where technology is used not for the awesomifcation of computers but for the pimping-out of cars, the photographing of celebrities, and the largening of racks on females. Friday Nov. 21 and Saturday Nov. 22 is when our decidedly non-Hollywood film and our humble LA fans will take over a small stretch of palm tree-ed earth in a mystical geeky union. Tix are $8 but if you want to reserve them, email NerdcoreRisingLA@gmail.com with your name, showtime, number in party, and a phone number. More details here.


You can find me in LA and SF but sadly, I won’t be making it to another punchy opening of Nerdcore Rising in Portland from Nov. 21-26 at the Clinton Street Theater. But you will make it because you live there (hopefully, maybe? you got some friends there? a mom or an aunt? anyone?). Those deets are here.


Have I been treating our friends in NYC rather cruelly? It’s true that I have because the movie hasn’t shown there yet (but it will, it will! I promise!!). So, let me make it up to you: You can catch Schaffer the Darklord (STD) at the Delancey on Thursday Nov. 20 with extremely special guest Shael Riley. They both rule because one of them is in the movie, and the other provided music for the movie. We’ve been in love ever since. You’ll enjoy the pants out of this show so please go see it. 


That about does it for me. I’m editing some shit that you’ll hopefully be consuming very very soon because the next missive will be in video format!