I’m at SXSW!

If you’re at SXSW, and you mildly give a shit about publicity issues surrounding independent film, well then have I got the panel for you! Its the alternative publicity panel at SXSW on Saturday and I’ll be speaking on it because I’m an ‘expert’ [read: shittalker] in the ‘field’ [read: my living room]. 


But we have other extremely important events to tackle, namely, the Nerdcore showcase. Thanks to Chris Trew AKA Terp 2 It (and maybe a little attention sparked by our little movie at SX’08) some of our favorite nerdcore artists will be having a showcase at SXSW. Here’s what Chris had to say about it: 


When I approached SXSW to do a Nerdcore showcase, there was zero debate. Matt Sonzala (music programmer) was aware of the Rising and was eager to work with me to make this happen. He gets props for that, and props in advance to the fans for the huge turnouts we are going to get. (Right?)

Show Info!


So if you see a man named Matt Sonzala you are to give him a hug of thanks. And if you see a man named Chris Trew, you are to admire his rapping. He’ll be joined by our very own MC Frontalot, MC Lars, and the most Canadian of the bunch, Jesse Dangerously.






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