A Video Telling You What You Already Know

Dearest Peeps-

In my last post, I bloggishly announced that the movie will be enjoying its West Coast Premiere at the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle at the Washington State Convention Center at 4pm on Saturday August 30th. And while its still true that the film is going to be having its West Coast Premiere at the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle at the Washington State Convention Center at 4pm on Saturday August 30th , I think that a short form web-based video brought to you directly from Team Nerdcore Rising is a better way to announce that the film will have its West Coast Premiere at the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle at the Washington State Convention Center at 4pm on Saturday August 30th . So, please watch the above video as it will clearly and entertainingly (she says with her fingers crossed) explain how the movie will have its West Coast Premiere at the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle at the Washington State Convention Center at 4pm on Saturday August 30th .

Also, one of the main network television shows – can’t say which – will be at PAX to see what this “Nerdcore Rising” thing is all about. So, laugh and watch extra hard because we want to convince (or fool?) the three-lettered network channel about our awesomeness.

In other news, the movie will be opening for a regular ol’ theatrical run at the Hoff Theater in College Park, MD. This means, that if you call the moviephone number for that area, the dude that answers will list Nerdcore Rising, and its screening times, in his ridiculous signature voice. But of course, you wouldn’t do that if you were reading this blog… because you’d be online… and because it’s the year 2008. In which case, you’d want to know that the movie will open on Friday Sept. 5th and the details can be found on their website: 

The Hoff Theater

Very soon the inimitable Mr. Dan Johnston (our all-knowing web czar) will be designing a beautiful page that aggregates all of our screenings on an easy-to-use grid. This will be great because, folks, fall is going to be an intense season for Nerdcore Rising!

For those that will be at PAX– don’t forget to relish in the works of MC Frontalot, G Minor 7, Blak Lotus, and the Categorical Imperative as they plan on destroying the PAX crowd with some seriously catchy Nerdcore hip hop. And, please heed the message at the end of the video… or else. (Do you like how I did that? How motivated are you to see the video now, huh?)



Nerdcore Rising on From Here To Awesome

Hey Folks!


Like Hillary and Barak before us, we here at Nerdcore Rising find ourselves in the midst of a fierce primary struggle. As you might already know from Wolf Blitzer’s "We Report, You Decide" coverage on CNN, Nerdcore Rising is running for President of the From Here to Awesome Discovery & Distribution Festival!


What do we win if we win? That’s a good question. We would win different types of distribution deals on multiple platforms, screenings in various cities around the country, free marketing/promotion from fancy big name outlets, and we would win the right to preside as President Pro-tempore of the US Senate. Basically, winning would be really really terribly awesome and it would make it more likely for the movie to come to a theatre near you. Like actually near you.


But we need your help. The schtick behind "From Here to Awesome" is that audiences actually help curate the festival. i.e. we report (what films are in the running) and you decide (what films make it to the top ten). FHTA has created an elaborate algorithm that involves, your "awesome vote" on the FHTA website, our youtube hit stats, our youtube subscriber stats, our myspace subscriber stats, our Twitter follow stats, the number of comments our videos get, and the square root of Avogadro’s Number.


*Please watch the vid (above) before June 6, also linked here:


*Please register to FHTA so you can vote "awesome" on the button below our vid (before June 6):

Register to From Here to Awesome



*Please subscribe to our youtube channel, our myspace blog, our twitter account, our facebook group, and comment your face off wherever you can (before June 6):

 If our fanbase proves to be more hardcore than the other fanbases, then we get into the Top Ten and become an official selection of FROM HERE TO AWESOME. The result will be: more screenings, more distribution, and utopia.


Please help!!!!


Love & Vote-Begging,
Negin & Team Nerdcore Rising: The Movie


PS: If you’re really feeling like going the extra mile, please follow the link below and sign up for OurStage – for every new member that signs up to OurStage through this link, Nerdcore Rising gets $1 – which in the world of oh-so-broke-credit-card-debt-laden-negin, is a painfully necessary thing. Plus, OurStage is awesome, its really trying to give independent musicians a designated platform to reach audiences and its giving audiences a chance to bypass record execs, radio playlists, and critics in deciding what tunes are worth listening to.



PPS: Do you live in Oklahoma City? Cause we’re gonna be there as the Closing Night Film at the DeadCENTER Film Festival on June 14. I would love to meet you there.


Pimptimonious Blogging



I just wanted to get a little pimptimonious on your ass and tell you about some wondrous stuff I’ve run into in the last couple of weeks. Basically, these links are for the clicking, people.


Our lovely host at the Burlington screening of, you guessed it, Nerdcore Rising, was a Mr. Bill “mayor of Burlington” Simmon. The guy does everything and knows everyone in Vermont.  He’s got a radio show called Poli Sci-Fi Radio where, along with co-host Steve Benen, he talks about politics and sci-fi. I was a guest on the show and a little nervous about it until I managed to maintain pseudo-sci-fi legitimacy with an over-zealous position on the movie Primer. Bill has also made a short film that’s on the festival circuit called “Digital Pamphleteer" that you can check out on youtube.


The Bill Simmonness doesn’t stop there because his wife Emily Stoneking casually hung out with us while knitting a dissected rat. She’s already been on BoingBoing because of a purely excellent, knitted, dissected frog. My camera doesn’t do her rat justice but I was the first to get an official bloggers look so forgive the photo work (below). 


My next act of pimptimony involves another favorite find, Solipsistic Nation. Joseph from SN interviewed me for the site but forget that and just listen to Solipsistic for their smart smorgasbord of electronic music and artist interviews.


Also met a dude named Arthur who gave me a CD from his San Francisco-based band Blammos. They’re fun. More people should listen to them. 


Remember that blog I wrote about Pangea Day? Well, you should see all the films! But if you only have time to see one, make it this one. It will blow your face off. 


Finally, I’m on Twitter and it’s about time! Find and follow me, if you dare. For your convenience, the ID is NerdcoreRising.


Finally finally, Nerdcore Rising will be the Closing Night film at the DeadCENTER Film Festival in Oklahoma City on June 14. More details on that when I’m emotionally prepared to part with them.


That’s all for now.

Your faithfullest NR:TM representative,



Photos: 1) a license plate a la Burlington; 2) me and Bill Simmon on the Poli Sci Fi Radio Show; 3) a poor quality photo of a knitted dissected rat; 4) a completely random picture of me and Matthew Modine at Pangea Day – the real star is the hilarious dude behind us.


Image Image Image Image

The Pangea Thing


We did just screening in Burlington over the weekend and I have some dynamo shit to share about that experience but I’ll get to that in my next post. (Here’s a hint: biology-based knitting was involved – make of that statement what you will).

For now, I just wanted to give a brief shout out to Pangea Day. Here’s the scoop, on Saturday, at 11am Pacific time, there will be a series of international short films screening at 45 million locations around the world in 6000 languages (5 points if you can determine which of those figures are inaccurate).  I’m actually in Los Angeles right now at the Pangea Filmmaker Retreat where I will be doing "retreaty" things. Though, to be quite honest, the filmmakers I’ve met so far are super savvy international types that make really epic films about injustice and liberation and… other "epic-y" things so I’m not entirely sure if I belong among then. Alas, this is my chance to engage in the time-honored act of "fronting" like I belong. 

Also, here’s an interesting note: who sits on the Advisory Board of this event? A little fella named J.J. Abrams. He totally picked me up from the airport. We talked about what would be happening in season 4 & 5 of Lost. I gave him a lot of good suggestions. The poor kid needs some help wrapping up the narrative elements to his critically acclaimed, universally loved television series. That’s okay, sometimes we all need a little help, right?

At any rate, I hope you feel inclined to check out the Pangea Day films and show some support because if Pangea succeeds, we will have world peace! Which could be really cool. Unless you’re a hobbyist war-monger, in which case, you’d have to pick up some other hobby. Like, maybe hobbyist peace-monger?


Very soon I will hurl at you the most bloggy Nerdcore Rising update ever.


negin et al at Nerdcore Rising



The Boston Thing, Please Explain

 I believe the Boston situation deserves its very own brief entry as the previous blog (AKA The Bumblingest Blog from the Annals of Convoluted Bloggery) has left some confused. So, here goes:

How to Obtain Free Tickets to the MC Frontalot/Prince Paul After Party at the Independent Film Festival Boston: A Four Part Treaties
  1. Email me by April 22 with your name (“me” being negin and my email address being, the thing you would normally find on the Contact page of this here website)

  2. I’ll put your name on a slip of paper PLUS ONE. I will throw said paper in a hat-like object. Since my original, now notoriously confusing blog entry, I’ve decided to specify that the hat-like object will in fact be the hat I wore when I played the part of “G-d” in Neil Simon’s “God’s Favorite” my senior year of high school*). The first fifty to be drawn from that Neil Simon-esque hat, will get in to the party.
  3.  I’ll email you back (probably on April 23/24) letting you know that you’re getting a free ticket to the party. Your response to that email may be to A) rejoice, B) shrug with indifference, or C) eat a waffle.
  4. The catch is you can only pick up your ticket at one of the screenings. Which means, that you might as well see the film while you’re at it! But I wouldn’t view that as “a catch” maybe more of an “awesome incidental.” But of course, I’m biased.

Of course, if you want to see the movie in the Boston area, you’d need this information:

IFF Boston Screening Details:

Friday, April 25, Midnight @ Somerville Theatre (55 Davis Square)
Sunday, April 27, 5pm @ Brattle Theatre (40 Brattle St., Harvard Square)
Get Tix Here

Negin Only Gods FavoriteHope that clears up our role in the IFFBoston and its closing night ITA/Nerdcore Rising party.

With a larger sense of clarity,

*I mean, I don’t want to brag but that part landed me the prestigious “Best Actress” trophy in the annual Palm Springs High School Thespian Awards. It would have been unbecoming had I mentioned that in the actual body of the blog – of course not everyone is as fortunate as I am to win the much sought after PSHSTA. But I did feel that it warranted a small utterance in the post-script space. And again, without wanting to brag, a photo of me in that role just seemed necessary. I’m 16 in the photo. And yes, a drama geek of epic proportions.


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