MC Router

MC RouterShe’s the self-proclaimed “First Lady of Nerdcore”, and many agree. Router puts the “hardcore” back into “nerdcore”. She has the words “g33k 1if3” inked on her fingers. Her tats alone show her devotion to the art form – because it’s not easy to score a job as a CPA when you’ve got the words “LVL UP” across your chest. Basically, she’s in it for 1if3.

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YT Cracker and Spamtec Crew

YT Cracker and SpamtecNever has an artist had better nerd cred than Bryce Case, Jr., aka YT Cracker, who could program Basic before he could talk. Good luck making friends in preschool while you’re navigating MSDOS. YT Cracker’s first taste of fame came at age 17 when he got caught hacking into and defacing one of NASA’s websites.
What’s one to do after being called a hacker prodigy on every major media outlet?

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MonzyPerhaps other nerdcore MCs have an argument for being nerdier than Monzy (perhaps). However, none can say they have nerdier lyrics in their songs. To the average human being Monzy’s rhymes sound like they’re written in Html. He dropped this sweet rhyme in his debut single “So much drama in the PhD”, which garnered him much publicity on the nerdcore scene.

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