Frontalot in New York City at the Knitting Factory

Frontalot will be making a stop in grand ol’ New York City to perform at the Knitting Factory as a part of his Secrets From the Future Tour with Schaeffer the Darklord. So, if you’re reading this blog and you’re in the larger New York Metro Area on Nov. 11, which is a Sunday, do come check him out. And say hello to Team Nerdcore Rising because we’ll be there shooting people, with cameras. Of course, there are other dates and other cities and more Frontastic musical joy to be had but for that info, we direct you to the site of the man himself, Frontalot.

Also, bassist Brandon Patton (aka Blak Lotus) had this little tidbit to share about their current touring experience:

Our tour van has had it’s side view mirrors stolen THREE times, someone just broke in through the back window to steal a $40 hand truck, and then we just fixed that, and somebody crashed into it while it was parked!

Nevertheless, we shall rock your nerdy pants off [in New York]. And then, somehow (we haven’t figured this out yet) we shall drive across country for the rest of our tour.

Blak Lotus

A $40 hand truck!! Well, if they stole that they probably needed it more than Frontalot et al does. Consider it an early holiday gift to a stranger that had some very pressing object-moving needs.

Sweet. Go see the band live. You’ll be hooked forever. And when the time comes, Frontalot will summons you and his other faithful nerdcore-fandroids to conquer the universe- For now, he’s just slowly conquering it one solo rap at a time.