Weird Al Yankovic

ImageDo not make eye contact…repeat, do not make eye contact when the genius king of pop parody humbly mingles with us mere humans. Weird Al is NOT a nerdcore artist (he has a separate Kingdom of Yankovicite on Planet Tatooine) but is revered by nerdcorites everywhere. This accordion junkie and satirist prodigy with ringlets ‘straight outta Lynwood’ is best known for his farcical songs that deconstruct pop culture – often lampooning the too-earnest tracks of his contemporaries.

This caricaturing National Forensic League Scholar has sold more than 12 million albums, blasting every other comedy act in history out of orbit! He’s recorded more than 150 parody and original songs and has performed more than 1,000 live shows.

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MC Plus +

ImageIf you want to stay out of Nerdcore Hip Hop, steer your clear of being one of MC Plus’s professors. A harmless computer science lesson could turn into the beginning of your demise as Plus will diss your syllabus into a potentially damning hip hop anthem. This Iranian-American automatic code parallelization programmer (say that 15 times fast!) began his Nerdcore career as Sir Code-A-Lot but pulled an Optimus Prime andtransformed himself into MC Plus+ after beginning to recording professionally.

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Prince Paul

ImageSocrates once said, “When you have worked with so many hip hop artists and have become a producer, DJ and rapper in your own right, you become so cool, you pee ice.”* Prince Paul pees ice. This New York-based legend of hip hop,  is beloved by nerdcorites on planets near and far, but let’s be honest, he doesn’t have a geeky bone in his body. Seriously, when MC Paul Barman flashed Prince Paul the Vulcan hand greeting before a recording session for It’s Very Stimulating, the Prince said, “That is the dumbest gang sign ever.

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MonzyPerhaps other nerdcore MCs have an argument for being nerdier than Monzy (perhaps). However, none can say they have nerdier lyrics in their songs. To the average human being Monzy’s rhymes sound like they’re written in Html. He dropped this sweet rhyme in his debut single “So much drama in the PhD”, which garnered him much publicity on the nerdcore scene.

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