Schaffer the Darklord

ImageSchaffer loves cats. Unapologetically. Unironically. Unforgivingly. And what’s not to love? They’re fluffy little creatures providing warm meows when things get rough, and full-throated purrs when things are swimming along just fine – in other words, they are the purrrrfect inspiration for writing raps (sorry, the pun had to happen, it just had to). But STD wasn’t always the nerdy cat loving-rapper we know him to be – oh no.

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Jesse Dangerously

Jesse DangerouslyListen Ann of Green Gable’s maniacs, this isn’t Lucy Maud Montgomery’s poetic Eastern Canada anymore. With this nerdcore Canuck on the scene, it is officially Dangerous territory. Jesse Dangerously’s Perilous, Pulsing Rhetorical Territory, to be exact. His formidable balladry doesn’t recall flowery waves crashing in the sand – this time its about throbbing cadence and a beating baseline. And why has Dangerously emerged as a Canadian ambassador of nerdcore hip hop?

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MC Lars

ImageIf you were to ask MC Lars, he’d tell you that he doesn’t make Nerdcore music; he’s makes Post-Punk Laptop Rap. You might have to get a screen guard for that – it sounds messy.

MC Lars is prolific and successful. Evidence: He has put out five albums over the past eight years and he has toured with such bands as The Matches, Simple Plan, Bolwing for Soup, Gym Class Heroes, Say Anything, Streetlight Manifesto, Suburban Legends, Patent Pending, Fightstar, MC Frontalot, and Wheatus. Limp Bizkit, however, is still waiting for the phone call.

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MC Chris

MC ChrisIs it any surprise that one of the best artists on the nerdcore scene regularly works for the Cartoon Network? Nothing like a little Aqua Teen Hunger Force all up in your badass mother f_ckin’ beats.

MC Chris somehow pulls off a mash-up of: 1) hardcore hip-hop image, 2) high-pitched vocals, and 3) geek credentials. Think Nas on helium, with a few extra Boba Fett references. He’s prolific too.

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Baddd Spellah

Baddd SpellahWith titillating tracks more infectious than a Sub7 Trojan horse, this most “awesomest beat smith” and avid dictionary/thesaurus user is best known as MC Frontalot’s righteous remixer. Hailing from the land of Alexander Graham Bell, Wolverine and Pamela Anderson, this thumping Canadian, with a name actually intended for an unrealized boy band spoof in college, has been dubbed the Timbaland of Nerdcore hip-hop here and in galaxies far, far away.

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